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About Bimal Dey

Bimal Dey – the traveler, Bimal Dey – the author, Bimal Dey – the self taught philosopher. It is difficult to really introduce a man who is multi faceted to say the very least. Not one to be hemmed in by convention or mundane expectation, he began and continued with life on his own terms. As a young child the vistas and wonders of the world beckoned and with alacrity he answered.

Books by Bimal Dey

Bimal Dey has authored several popular books. Though he writes primarily in his native language – Bangla, some of his books have been translated into English, Hindi, Marathi as well as French.

mahatirther kailash babar Sandhaney
Last Time I Saw Tibet
sudurer piyasi
Uttor Meru Dokkhin Meru
Surya Pronam
The Traveller

Traveller's Philosophy

I think that the soul of a traveler has a plan of its own journey, which has neither a starting point nor an end. In my view to a real traveler there lies a long endless road spread all over the world, the experience of which prepares and enriches his mind for the rest of his life.


……here is a man, simple, honest and humble; he is telling us the marvellous story of his journey around the world on a bicycle. At present he is stopping here to the Pension Colony for few days. The old lady of the town discovered his extra-ordinary talents ..